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So you are looking to get a great deal and the best price on a new iPad and, that is where we can help. As a specialist price comparison website we compare prices across all of the UK mobile networks and online retailers so that you can do just that. Get the best price iPad available today.

We use data feed technology to make sure that our comparison tables are always up to date. They are in fact updated every thirty minutes around the clock so that you can compare ipad prices and identify the best price available on the model or plan that you are looking for.

Compare Prices Across Buy Now and Pay Monthly Deals

Using the tabs above the comparison table you can select from “buy now” iPad deals which cover all of the wifi non 3g models as well as the 3g models on either a pay as you go plan or a pay monthly ipad contract plan. Simply use the tabs to select the type of deal you are looking for.

Image of The Best iPad PriceIf you have a particular model of iPad in mind then you can compare the deals available just for that particular model. For example if you want the best price on a ipad 64gb model then just go directly to that page on our Website and compare the prices for that particular model. One of the most popular searches on this website is for the best price on a ipad 2 64gb wifi 3g which is one of the “pay monthly” options.

Great Prices On The iPad 2 and New iPad 3

The iPad 3 is the latest model and was launched earlier in 2012. You can see below for a detailed specification list for this model. However, the iPad 2 is still very popular as it was ahead of the rest when it was launched and so still represents a great tablet.

For the average user the iPad 2 is the most popular option. You just need to compare ipad 2 prices to see why. It is quite a bit cheaper than the new iPad 3. If you want to play the very latest in games then you can generally play most of then on the iPad 2. There are a few games that have been designed to fully utilise the A5X processor in the new iPad but generally you can play most games with the earlier model.

Hardware Included In the New iPad 3

The New iPad 3 comes brimming with the latest in mobile technology. Inside its sleek case you will find:

  • A stat of the art A5X Quad Core microprocessor that is blazingly fast.
  • A Retina Display screen that has 2048 x 1536 pixels. That translates to an incredibly sharp screen.
  • An average of 10 hours of battery life when using it for surfing the Internet. Apps drain the battery a bit faster.
  • A tablet that is just 9.4 mm thick so easily fits in a rucksack or handbag.
  • Voice recognition software that powers the very helpful “Siri” mobile assistant.
  • A super sharp 5MP camera that also records video at full HD (1080-p).
So as you can see the specification for this model of the iPad is excellent and is substantially better than many of the other tablets on the market. The iPad 2 is also a well specked tablet and is still considered a great tablet. To view the full iPad 2 spec we recommend you have a quick read over on the Apple website.

What Do Users Think Of Both iPad Models?

That is a question that you should be asking yourself before you decide on buying an iPad. You  can tea da good review on the T3 website to help you decide if this is the tablet for you. Yes you want to get the best price on your iPad but you also want to be sure that you are going to be delighted with your new purchase. The best way to do that is to watch a few reviews. We feature below a review of the new iPad 3 and then a review of the iPad 2 to help familiarise you with both models. Once you have settled on a model then go and compare prices and find the best deal on the model that you have chosen.